Are you bribable?

Learn, explore, interact and fight in an ever expanding virtual open world!





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Bribables is a single player, third person story RPG style computer game, based on true stories and fantasy.





It is currently being developed for PC, Linux & Mac.



  • An adventure based on real life corrupt politicians and some of the top leaders in our world.
  • Defeat or join King Donald Dump and bribable King ‘Enrique Ñetas´ in their evil plans.
  • Help build or destroy a wall between kingdoms.
  • Stop some leaders from destroying families and deporting our fellow travelers or help them out!!!
  • Story rich game play, based on true stories and fantasy
  • Open world 3D environments (some levels are modeled off real world terrain)
  • Alternate ending based on player’s decisions
  • Missions & quests (related and unrelated to the story)
  • Comedy





Fight against fantasy characters and bosses based on real life politicians, leaders and outlaws of our time.


A story that combines history & some of the latest world news with fantasy and the option to choose your character´s destiny.



Demo version available in our downloads page

Full Version Coming Early 2018…