Bribables is a one player third person story based RPG style computer game.

The idea began in late 2016 by the lead developer.

The first version of the game is planned to be released in Summer 2018.



Bribable´s main story is based on real life and historic events.  Some characters are based on the top leaders and politicians in our world, while others are based on corrupt people and the worst crimials that our planet has ever seen.

In the game, the player has to make a choice between defeating or joining forces with King Donald Dump and bribable King ‘Enrique Ñetas’.  Players also get a chance to help build or to destroy a wall between kingdoms.

The game´s story is based on recent political scandals from the US, Mexico and other countries.  It also includes historic facts from many years ago and comic events that have marked the history of human kind.

Bribables provides the player with the option to choose between right and wrong.  There are alternate endings, which depend on the decisions made throughout the game.  Bribables also has many quests, tasks and unexplored areas, which have nothing to do with the main story and that increase the hours of game play and fun.


Will you take the bribable path or do good in your kingdom?